Welcome to Rise and Flow.

I wish there was an easy way to explain where you are, but I hope I make it clear. It’s an amorphous place of useful information, educational content and personal reflections. I am not a fan of labels but it’s something between a blog and website. I hope to create content which can inspire you, help you learn something new, make you think about new topics or simply enjoy with a sip of your coffee, tea or another drink.
Personally, it’s my way to give back to the world. The metaphor of rise and flow is also personal – I try to focus on the larger perspectives in life, to rise above the everyday worries. Yet, we can never run away from them, therefore we should also acknowledge the flow of life. The mastery is to learn how to navigate there. This is what I will try to do and I want to share it with you.
I hope you like it. When the time comes, maybe you will also learn more about who I am. Until then you might actually get a very good idea as this is one of the most personal creations of mine.