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Carl Sagan: “The pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known.”

The above quote is by Carl Sagan, a famous astronomer who asked for the spacecraft Voyager to turn back to Earth and take a photo for one last time, before leaving the Solar system.

Pale blue dot Photojournal: PIA23645 Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech Published: February 5, 2019 Historical Date: February 14, 1990

I think it’s a powerful thought (and photo) which both compels you to reflect on our place in the universe (so insignificantly small, yet so grandiose for our own standards) but also to consider how this little pale blue dot hosts all of us. And what are the consequences of our actions on it. The results of our actions on the nature of the Earth and all its ecosystems are quite clear. It is also quite clear what the backfire would be for us, as a result of the climate change (in fact, many people on Earth are already experiencing those consequences, we often just don’t hear about them). Therefore, I believe that we all have a role to play in preserving what we have and trying a little more to limit the effects of our actions.

This is not an easy journey. Some people turn this into their life mission, others try to support it in any way possible through different initiatives. But, I argue that it is also an easy every day journey. There are endless simple steps we can take to limit the impact of our actions. Most of them are related to consumption. For that, we need to realize that it might not seem significant to throw your trash on the street as a single individual, but if many of us do that - guess what happens. Therefore, it is the small, personal steps that matter. Each of us has a choice and it does not always involve sacrificing comfort or restraining yourself completely from certain action or purchase. But it involves conscious decisions and consideration. For that, we all need information. This is why I will try to share helpful tips and tricks on how to live more consciously and to consume more responsibly, so as to preserve that pale blue dot above.


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