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Keith Haring: [Art] “should be something that liberates the soul"

Keith Haring: [Art] “should be something that liberates the soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further. It celebrates humanity instead of manipulating it.”

This is one of my favourite art quotes by one of my favourite artists. For me, art is, indeed, an expression of humanity in two forms – on the one hand, it is a personal expression of the “soul” of the respective artist, who has found a way to formulate their inspiration in a material or digital form and to share it with the wider audience. In those cases, art is liberating for the artist themselves, it is often an exposure of the soul, so to say. Many people are having a hard time in understanding those deeply personal art forms, however, they are often one of the most impressive ones. Think of, say, physical theatre or contemporary dance.

There is also the other form of art where the creation engages with socially relevant topics or tries to provoke the audience intentionally, to lead them out of their comfort zone. This is the type of art that Keith Haring has created throughout his life, engaging with the HIV epidemic and the discrimination against the LGBT community.

Keith Haring's mural in Pisa, Italy

Another example of that is one exhibition, focusing on medical items, curated in a way to tell a story. I almost vomited in the middle of the museum as a result. I will tell you about both of those, of course, later on.

The above examples mostly refer to the so called contemporary art. This is my preferred form of art and culture. The crazier the better, as I like to say. However, I do appreciate also the classic forms of art, as they often bring the ‘zeitgeist’ of their time in a very accurate manner, especially when you look at classic paintings.

So this is what you will find out in the “Art and culture” section – reflections and stories, maybe reviews, of art in different forms. I hope you enjoy it.


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