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Match the circles

"La distancia entre lo que uno es y lo que uno cree que es es la medida de su propio enfermedad. Hay que cortar ese distancia, eso es el viaje. Romper barreras y hacer que esos dos circulos que nos tienen desenfocados sean solo uno.

Un embarcadero es un lugar donde empezar un viaje y terminarlo. Y ese viaje es irremediablemente sobre el tereno más inestable que existe. En el que estamos más indefensos y en alerta - el agua."

El Embarcadero

The above quote is from a very intriguing Spanish series, exploring the self-determination and self-exploration of a couple of people trying to abide by social expectations. It refers to “two circles”- the form of what we think we are and what we actually are. It calls for trying to overlap those circles so as to compensate for the internal conflict we usually carry because of the mismatch and make them one. As a metaphor to the series, it then refers to water as the terrain for this discovery. And the journey to water starts from a pier (el embarcadero).

As you probably notice, this is quite related to the name of the website, particularly the “flow” part, about which I will share some more in the upcoming posts. However, what is important here is that there is a journey. A journey to self-exploration, a journey that brings us closer to what we ‘really’ are (although that’s also highly questionable). And there is no formula to take on this journey. For some it’s water and flow, for others it’s a jump from a cliff, for others it could be an incendiary phoenix-like transformation. Nobody knows, nobody tells us. Therefore, I think it’s up to each of us to discover this way (if we want to, of course). So, here, I will share resources and thoughts, which I find useful for the endless journey of self-exploration. I hope you find some inspiration in that.


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