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The empty room and the wanderlust

Yes, the above two things, although not really related, were my inspiration to start exploring minimalism.

The wanderlust, or the desire to travel, was also enriched with a desire to actually move abroad, therefore at some point in my life I decided that I will attempt to live with as little things as possible so as not to suffocate under mountains of stuff and also as a way to be able to move out at any time. As you can imagine, this didn’t go as planned, moving out was still a challenge in terms of the amount of junk I had to deal with, however, when I arrived in my current home country I encountered the opposite – the perfection of an empty space, when I found my current apartment.

As I moved in, I realized that the sofa I had bought to sleep on in the beginning, was one of the two things I had bought as “initial furniture” in the apartment (the other being a small coffee table). I had to live that way for a while and it was surprisingly serene – the white walls and the calmness of emptiness were somewhat relaxing and allowed me to focus on settling in my new country without necessarily engaging in endless consumption.

So this is how I discovered that there is actually a whole philosophy behind a ‘simpler’ way of life and it is called minimalism. It encompasses not only the physical aspect of living, but also the personal one in terms of overall approach to life. I am still an aspiring minimalist, therefore I can’t say that I have become an expert in that, therefore I would be focusing my experience here, but I will also share many resources which you can use, should you decide to explore minimalism yourself.


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